Electric Security Fence Warrant of Fitness

Your electric security fence is extremely reliable, tolerating a wide variety of environmental conditions and it will deliver many years of trouble free service. Like anything exposed to the elements it will require ongoing repairs and maintenance. If neglected, electric security fences will gradually deteriorate over time. Corrosion, weed growth, climatic extremes, animal and/or human impact all combine to progressively reduce fence performance, and therefore the effectiveness of the system.

To maintain the effectiveness of an electric security fence, regular service and maintenance is required and so we highly recommend you get an EF Warrant of Fitness half-yearly.The following are the key reasons why this program is vital for your security:

Insurance ramifications: If it is a condition of your firm's insurance policy that all security systems must be functioning correctly and your fence is not, your claim may be refused. Even if this is not a condition yet you have an electric fence, it is a reasonable assumption by your insurer that the fence is functioning. If it is not, this fact may significantly complicate your claim. This is becoming increasingly common. DO NOT take this risk.

OSH compliance: The public must be prevented from entering your premises in an uncontrolled manner. This is especially important if there are significant hazards present. A working electric security fence will prevent this and save your firm from liability if you have taken EVERY REASONABLE STEP possible. A non-functioning fence could be deemed negligence. Believe it not it is your responsibility to prevent burglars from hurting themselves on your property!

Extended life: Security fences have a hard life. Trucks, crates, fork hoists, cars and the like daily damage them. Weather also degrades performance over time. Preventative maintenance will help increase your fence's useful life.

Security: Intruders know when your fence is not working and usually before you do. They may be misguided but they are not stupid. Preventative maintenance will give you peace of mind that your premises are protected at all times.

Download the PDF EF warrant of Fitness to get started maintaining your electric security fence. Getting a yearly EF Warrant of Fitness is inexpensive and will save you an estimated $33,476 in repairs and call-outs over the life of the fence and over $287,744 if your premises are burgled. We are the only fencing company to offer this service regularly since we are the electric security fencing specialists. Our technicians are employed in-house. They are NOT contractors.



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