Electric Security Fence FAQs

Q. Why do I need an Electric Fence?
A. The need for higher levels of security to repel sophisticated intruders is growing nationwide. Whereas in the past a security fence was merely a passive physical barrier, the determination of today's criminals prescribes the use of an active intrusion detection system that reacts to an intrusion attempt, repels the intruder and delays entry to the premises.

Q. What is an Electric Fence?
A. An electric fence system consists of electric wires carrying high voltage electric pulses that provide a non-lethal repulse shock to an intruder. This results in alarm activation, which is transmitted to security personnel monitoring the site. The electric wire barrier can be installed vertically or at an angle to provide wider physical barriers that make intrusion by way of digging and climbing extremely difficult. It is important to note that whilst an electric security fence is exceptionally effective in deterring and repelling intruders it is not infallible. Determined intruders will go to extraordinary lengths to penetrate fences.

Q. Who requires an Electric Fence?
A. Industrial and commercial properties, small businesses, car yards, storage yards, distribution warehouses, retailers, waterworks, empty yards, prisons, power plants, military installations, government facilities and everything in between.

Q. May I have an electric security fence around my residential dwelling or property?
A. Legally yes. We're presently working with our suppliers to finish developing a home electric security fence and hope to have it certified soon. Your family's security is just as important as your business's (we'd say more so!) Please call us to discuss where we are at with this project. 09 267 2265.

Q. How much will it cost?
A. It isn't possible for us to give you an indicative price without seeing the site. Corners, gates and terrain will all affect the cost. Steel prices are also constantly changing due to the burgeoning price of the commodity driven by demand from China, India and the Emirates, amongst others. We always give our best price first. Our policy is quality without compromise so you can be sure you will get the best quality security fence for a fair price.

Q. Where are the fences physically installed?
A. We can install a completely new security fence including electric security fencing or install on the reverse of existing perimeter fences & gates, wall tops, rooftops or as a stand-alone electric security fence within an enclosed yard not assessable to the public.

Q. Is it legal?
A. Yes, the use of electric security fencing has been tested in the Courts and our fences conform to Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 3016:2002. Our electric security fences are safe and cause no permanent damage to humans. See our PDF download for a full explanation of electric security fencing systems.

Q. What are the advantages of an Electric Fence?
  • Easy installation on existing wall or fence, or as a stand-alone perimeter fence.
  • Creates a physical barrier that delays intrusion.
  • Delivers an electric shock to repulse intruders.
  • Acts as a psychological barrier to deter intrusion attempts.
  • Provides a high level of detection capability to sense intrusion attempts and activate the existing alarm and notify security personnel.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Animals receive an electric shock and are repulsed without activating the alarm. The animal learns to avoid the fence. Accidental human contact with the fence will reinforce the message not to tamper with the fence.
  • An electric security fence will enhance the existing perimeter fence and harden the property against intrusion. This will force burglars to seek easier targets elsewhere.
  • Reduced cost of security personnel and monitoring

Q. Can I hook it up to a 240-volt power supply?
A. No. You will probably kill someone and whilst we agree that this will rid society of another 'problem' we cannot condone it.

Q. How much does it cost to run?
A. The annual running cost of an electric security fence is around the same as a light bulb. The energiser plugs into a 3-pin plug.

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